Let it never be said I don’ t listen – Another S Scale Speeder Car Available

So to follow up on my post from the weekend, I’m rolling the dice to see if there is interest in a second type of 3D printed S Scale speeder car.  The Fairmont M14, another speeder in the collection of the Toronto Railway Museum that I have produced an HO Scale version of, has been converted to S Scale and Sn42 Narrow Gauge for my one customer (from and modelling all the way east in Newfoundland if memory serves!!).

No pictures, as I haven’t ordered them for myself yet, but I’ve made the adjustments I think are needed, and put them up for sale on my Shapeways Store at the links below the pictures.

Shapeways Renders of the S Scale standard gauge (left) and Sn42 Narrow Gauge (right) Fairmont M14 Speeder Cars.  The body details are the same other than some adjustments to get the body to fit the narrower wheels on the Sn42.

As I haven’t ordered them myself yet, I’m relying on this car having the same frame structure as the S2 Speeder to make sure the parts work and fit together when printed.

Hopefully the S Scale community finds these useful additions to their modelling.

5 thoughts on “Let it never be said I don’ t listen – Another S Scale Speeder Car Available

  1. That’s great news!
    I’ve posted this to the S Scale Model Railroading group on Facebook and let the S Scale Resource magazine know.
    – Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

  2. A model railways addiction is a good addiction Stephen. Now I’m going to need one of these too although I think perhaps C&O did not have any open tops. Certainly Pere Marquette did not.
    Chris R.

  3. Good day, do you want me to send photos of the 2 completed speeders?

    Any thoughts of doing the enclosed version with the doors?

    Read the note about the price increase. I guess like everything else, it is expected!


    • Hi Andrew, for these ones, no, I never have. When I search pictures there seem to be a wide variety of body styles depending on the railroad. It’s maybe something I’d consider down the road if someone had good pictures of all four sides with known dimensions marked out since I don’t have access to one to measure.

      I need to get back into 3D Modelling to so parts for the structures on my layout. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything and I’m feeling quite rusty in cad work.


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