One load of Tractors

It always feels good to “finish” a project.  I say that in quotations as there are a few spots where I’ll need to clean up some little bits of over-applied glue, and probably add a tiny bit more weathering, but I’ll do that down the road when I’m going to be painting/weathering other items as there is no point going through all the setup to do that for touchups on a car that’s going to sit in the display case for a while now until there is actually some track on the benchwork to test!

View of the flat car with all six tractors loaded up and chained down.

I’m really pleased with the effect of the chain strapping on the tractors, but it was a nightmare to get wrapped and installed. It’s one of those things that you’d think would get easier as you went along, but if anything it got harder as I was trying to not knock off the tractors already glued into place as I went.  I used A-Line 40 links per inch blackened chain, I think the effect is really good.  The chain is glued into the stake pockets on the side of the car.  Each tractor has three chains, one on each of the rear wheels, and one wrapped around the front wheel column.  The cars are blocked into place in front and behind the wheels, and though they aren’t in the pictures, I realized I’d forgotten the side blocking to keep the wheels from moving off the side of the car, which are now in place.

IMGP9338RawConv.jpgClose up view of the chains on the first two tractors while I was working on the loading.

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