Breaking Bad Habits before they start

So last night I took a trip out to Home Depot for some lumber strips to use as a frame to support the sheet styrene backdrop (I’m buying supplies as I need them so I don’t have to find places to store things, extra trips are easier than piles of lumber).  I also went another five minutes down the road to the erstwhile “Unhappiest Place on Earth”TM  (IKEA for those not following along) to try to nip one of my bad habits in the bud.  The benchwork has been up for about a month now, and its quickly becoming a mess of storage and bits and pieces.  In my defense, 95% of what’s stacked on it is layout stuff, but I’m quickly finding myself misplacing tools or tripping over my boxes of screws and tools and such when I try to start a task.  I went to IKEA to look at a little kitchen cart I’d seen on past visits that had caught my eye as maybe being useful for having tools and supplies handy, without resorting to on-layout storage.

Raskog1.jpgNot quite as flat packed as some IKEA items, but a new Raskog Kitchen Cart for my layout room.

At the moment, with bare plywood on the benchwork, it isn’t “really” a big deal to just toss stuff up there, the problem is, in a few months time when I’ve got the layer of foam on, and start laying roadbed and track and looking at mockups of buildings and such, it will become a big deal, to say nothing of when track is laid and I actually start building scenery!!

The Raskog kitchen cart is a reasonably cheep solution, and it comes in a variety of colours to suit your tastes.  They now offer it in a blue tone, which fits the colour palates I like in my life.

Raskog2.jpgAnd assembled and getting the tools and scrap lumber supplies and such off the benchwork.  Still some more stuff to move, but now I’m getting closer to having tools handy as I move around the room, and not cluttering the benchwork.

Much as I may mock the IKEA experience (it’s not terrible at 8:30pm on a Thursday night), they do make stuff that goes together fairly well and is useful.  The cart went together in less than 20 minutes, and I transferred much of the “stuff” off the layout and into the cart.  Along with the continuing effort to get rid of stuff that probably shouldn’t have moved, the cart is now another tool in my arsenal to try to keep me from making a mess of my layout by carelessly piling tools and supplies on it.

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