Backdrop Part 2

Another night, and another 8′ of backdrop installed! I got home from work early enough that I could hammer the support frame into the wall before it got too late and it would risk bothering the neighbours at a time where one shouldn’t make noise that would impact your neighbours in a townhouse.

Figuring out where the support frame needs to go, and tacked up in place along the second half of the layout.

After the first night of backdrop installation, I had a good idea of what I was doing, but even then, things never go as you plan.  For this end to work, I was going to need to take an 8′ strip, and shorten it just a bit so I could put a blender piece into the corner, I debated doing the curve with the end of the large piece, and having the blender in the middle between two large pieces, but the corner I was making was sufficiently tight that the large piece wouldn’t be supported while I was getting the corner into place. I had visions of falling sheets of styrene and cursing and swearing, so I chose what I hoped would be the path of least resistance.

IMG_6086A 4’x8′ sheet of 0.060 styrene.  Showing the reason we didn’t build the peninsula initially, I wouldn’t have any room to work if it was in place, the sheet basically fills the open floor completely!!

Once I had the 30″ wide strip cut off the sheet, I test fit it to see how much I would need to take off.  Based on where I thought the corner piece would need to go to let me curve it, the large strip needed cut down from 96″ to 82″, easy enough to do, and once the sheet is split, its much easier to maneuver around the floor for subsequent cuts!!

Framing for the corner, and the corner piece installed.  Suffice to say, getting the corner held in with the “No More Nails” was as close to cursing as I came, as it was a fight to get it into place while the glue bit, but I got there!

Once the corner was in, I was able to fit the main piece and get it adjusted so the tops are more or less aligned.  I will need to trim a hair at either end to get it looking perfect, but the styrene allows for that.  One more evening of backdrop work should see the portion of the sceniced part of the layout in the closet with a backrop installed, and some screening over the door frame.  These are complicated bits, but small bits, no more 8′ long sections being maneuvered into place by myself (and believe me, half way though manhandling them, even as light as the styrene is I wish I’d invited someone over to come help me!!).

IMG_5873IMG_6091The layout room, looking ever more layout-y (compare tonight in the bottom to where it started in top image).  It also demonstrates that I will definitely need to do something about replacing the single off-centre light fixture (because of the large skylight centred on the room) with some form of track light to spread light around the room.

I’ve got two bathrooms in our house to paint this weekend (well, two walls in one and one wall in the other), and I’m really hoping to be able to put paint on the backdrop as well, but for that I need to get the remaining styrene up, get it puttied and the putty sanded down, and then give it a good clean!  Before I can do any of that though, another trip to Home Depot is in order for one more piece of trim strip so I can frame in the closet to fasten the styrene to (I miscalculated my amount of material, better to have less than a stack to return, but inconvenient none the less).

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