Backdrop Part 3

Over the weekend I kept moving on with the Backdrop, and got the most complicated, or at least the fiddliest bits of it done.  You can read about the previous work here and here.

IMG_6097Starting to work into the closet past the door frame. I trimmed a bit much and left a nasty gap to fill outside the closet.

The layout extends into the closet, and the first 2′ or so of the closet are part of the sceniced area before you hit the staging access.  Basically in the image above, where the styrene stops and the wire closet shelf starts is the dividing line between scenery and staging.  Much as with the main part of the room, new lighting in the closet is needed as well to direct a bit more/better light at the layout area, but that will come in time.

This section of the backdrop is also shorter, as the closet is only 27″ to the ceiling from the benchwork, as opposed to a bit over 3′ in the main part of the bedroom.  This brings the ceiling in, and it does look a bit odd, but because our Townhouse is a Condo, I can’t just rip out the door frame and have run the backdrop straight through, which is fine, but it means some fun sections to give me a backdrop area that hides the door frame as best I can

IMG_6109.jpgThe door fully framed around and filling the gaps. The area at the bottom where there is no styrene will be behind a building that will wrap around the door frame, so I didn’t bother to install backdrop there.

I’ve been really happy with the 0.060 Styrene backdrop material choice.  It’s been easy to work with, and was reasonably cost-effective.  I also know that styrene paints well, So no fear about doing all this work, and getting a nasty surprise.

One thing that I haven’t been as happy with is the sealing of joints and covering of nails/holes from supporting while the No More Nails adhesive was curing.  On the advice of a friend, I tried 3M’s Glazing and Spot Putty (the red in the picture).  It seems to go on nice, but exposed a flaw I hadn’t fully considered.  Because this is an auto body bondo type putty, it stinks, and made a lot more dust than drywall compound like I used in the past.  There is no opening window in the 3rd floor room (the skylight is a good 15′ up above the floor, and doesn’t open).  As such, I gave up on it and went back to drywall compound. You can see the pink in the image above, it’s Drywall compound that goes on pink and cures white so you can see where it is when you are putting it on.  Maybe it won’t smooth as nice as the bondo, but without opening windows, I can’t use the other in the layout room/house.  Live and Learn.  I won’t cover over where it is, at least not outside the areas where a second coat was going to be needed to fill the gaps where I’m going to put drywall compound over top and hope that once its all sanded and painted, and line disappears.  Next update should be a short one, with just a picture of sky blue paint across the benchwork!!

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