Foaming the Layout and Testing the Peninsula

Another non-glamorous task of layout building got underway today.  Putting on a layer of insulation foam on top of the plywood  This will be the base for the scenery.  It is easier to insert details into than the plywood, and gives me the ability to have smoothed out some of the imperfections in the alignment of the plywood with the foam later.  I can both cut away at the foam if needed for the limited terrain of Liberty Village, or add cork roadbed for the tracks on top.

IMG_6262.jpgNot the most exciting picture, but showing the benchwork with 1/2″” insulation foam installed on top, and a piece in place to let me check spacing for the eventual peninsula to be built to complete the benchwork.

I’ve got a bit of foam to do in the closet for the 2nd staging traverser.  It’s a tight spot to work in, and I just ran out of gas and motivation to work on cutting foam and getting it sorted.  At that point, I realized the largest piece of foam I had left was more or less the size of the peninsula.  Its a couple of inches wider, and a couple of inches shorter than I’ve designed, but it let me more or less get a feel for how impactful it will be in the room, and to be sure that it will generally work.  Most importantly, there is room to maneuver between the benchwork on the wall and the peninsula for an operator.  Depending on how tired I am after the train show Saturday and Sunday, I’ll try to finish the foam work this weekend.  Not glamorous at all, but another step closer to being ready to lay track.

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