Tuesday Train #124

IMGP0497RawConv.jpgOntario Vintage Diesels.  The Ontario Southland Railway based out of Salford Ontario serves a variety of industries in Ingersoll, Tillsonburg and St Thomas, and in the small agricultural communities in between.  I recently had the chance to spend a day chasing, and got the recently repainted Ex-CN, Ex-VIA, General Motors FP9A Locomotive 6508, built in November 1954 and still working hard.  The second unit is an Ex-CPR General Motors GP9, built in May 1957.   The train is westbound from Ingersoll with five tank cars bound for industries in St Thomas.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Train #124

    • Indeed, the “bulldog” nose of an EMD/GM F unit is the iconic picture of a train for many in North America. That some are still out earning their keep well into their 60’s is a testament to the quality of the design!


    • I had a week off between jobs as I changed employers. Seemed like the perfect time to knock off chasing the OSR, and with some luck they rolled out a show and a half for me. Next couple of Tuesday Trains will also be OSR chasing!


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