Tuesday Train #125

IMGP0612RawConv.jpgOntario Southland 2nd Crew at Putnam on September 24, 2018.  The first crew to run through was seen in Tuesday Train #124.

This crew was the second of the three FP9A’s the OSR owns (the 3rd No.1401 was in the shops being painted.  This pair is FP9A #1400 built in June 1958 and GP9 #8235 built in March 1958.  They are switching the mill at Putnam, and when done would return to Ingersoll to collect two cuts of auto racks from CAMI Automotive (Chevrolet Equinox) and take them to Woodstock for exchange with the Canadian Pacific Railway. I forgot to include the video of the day in the last post, so here is is:


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