Another Saturday, and some more benchwork progress

IMG_6827Looking like a layout.

I haven’t actually done much in terms of actual work on layout building of late, that’s coming in 2019 when my friend finishes building switches, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been active at least working my way through layout building issues and things I need to do.

Having had some time to live with the benchwork, I’ve uncovered problems and opportunities to change my plan before I actually lay any track to hopefully wind up with a better layout at the end of the day.

IMG_6832The “West” or CNR Staging, puttering around with track alignment gauges and flex track in advance of laying track.

The past few weeks I’ve been playing with flex track on the traverser that is easier to work on for the west end of the layout. I figure once I’ve done the installation of track out here, it will be easier to replicate in the tighter closet for the east. The west staging will have four tracks, the east can accommodate 5 because of how the lead to the layout reaches it, but I’m leaning to only installing 4, I don’t need more for the size of my layout, and I don’t want to encourage myself to buy more rolling stock than I actually need!

The “east” or Canadian Pacific Staging area, the traverser was out so I could work, showing the finding of a replacement tail track board, and getting it in and foamed today.

With the discovery that I had to replace the closet shelf brackets, it meant I could have a proper tail track off the traverser for each track on the shelf. To do this, I had to take down the original piece that was cut around the old bracket, and install a new one. Fortunately, I had the perfectly sized piece of spare plywood from benchwork construction in the summer, and was able to carefully remove the existing piece, and use the screw holes in it as a guide to drill holes in the new piece so it lined up exactly the same. Success, the traverser still slides properly, so it was on to putting on the pink foam, and being back to where I was at the start of the day, ready to lay track!

And now, if you’re still reading, an apology, there hasn’t been any of my “Tuesday Train” railfan photo posts in December. I haven’t had time, and I’ve been remembering sometime during the day on Tuesday while I’m at work, my new job has many perks, but one of the things I can’t do at it is waste my time doing silly stuff like blogging about trains. I’m going to take the Rest of December off the Tuesday Train, and re-set and get ready to get back on with model making and layout building in 2019. I’ll have a year in review post as I’ve done the other years of this blog before January 1, but for now, I’m off to put my feet up and enjoy the rest of my Saturday evening.

IMG_20181205_1943160Sneak Peak of 2019 to come when the trackwork is done! Dan will have more to say about building the switches when he’s done them.

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