Hamilton & Ancaster Model Train Show – Sunday January 27/2019


I’m going to a different show than the couple of times I’ve been to the Lakeshore Model Railroaders Flea Market in the past year. I’ve still got plenty of things from my old layout or that I’ve bought over the years that now don’t fit the layout I’m building. I’m not going to post a complete list here, but in case anyone who reads the blog is interested, a few of the new and harder to find items are below. If you are interested, leave a comment before the end of the day Saturday and we can make arrangement for it to be set aside for you.

IMG_7255.jpgAthearn Genesis G9012 – USRA Light Mikado 2-8-2 Canadian National Railways #3708 – $125 DC
img_7254Bachmann Spectrum 11429/BAC544040 – Canadian National # 2486 DC – $125
img_7253Rapido Trains GM FP9A – 220003 – Canadian National 1954 (Green/Black) # 6517 DC – $175
img_7257Rapido Trains Bay Sleeper – Canadian National 1954 “Chaleur Bay” – $75

A partial list of what I will have at the show on Sunday is below, feel free to leave a comment if you are interested in anything and we can see what we can do:

Part Number Manufacturer Description Asking
7812 Athearn Heavyweight Coach CN Green Cape Chignecto $ 20
Trueline Trains 36′ Fowler Boxcar (Grounded Body) $ 5
Life-Like 40 CP boxcar $ 10
Athearn Steel CN Caboose 78344 $ 10
Walthers Arrowhead Brewery Background Building (w 12volt lights & interior) $ 30
Walthers Hardwood Furniture Background Building $ 20
Walthers George Roberts Printing $ 30
Walthers 90′ Turntable w Motor $ 25
Walthers 3 Stall Roundhouse $ 30
Wills Stone Engine House (w 12volt lights & interior) $ 30
Wills Coal/Water Servicing Platform (w 12volt lights) $ 20
City Classics A&P Supermarket (w 12volt lights & interior) $ 60
Kanamodel CNR Interlocking Signal Box (Wood) (w 12volt lights & interior) $ 50
DPM/Woodland Kelly’s Saloon $ 15
R4063B Hornby LNER Brake Coach 5550 $ 20
Lledo Monk Bar Model Shop Truck $ 5
R474 Hornby LMS Composite Coach $ 20
LL239715 Life-like CN D-250 RDC $ 80
R2198A Hornby GWR 0-6-0 Class 2721 #2759 $ 50
Atlas #4 or #6 Code 83 Switches (used) $10/Each

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