A quick add on for Workbench Organization

Having now lived with my new workbench for 8 months since we moved, there are things I’m happy with, and things I’m less happy with. One of the things I wasn’t happy with was my paint/glue storage. It was awkward, and my paint was in a constant risk of getting tipped over when I was using it or switching around jars.

At the Barrie-Allandale show last weekend, Osborn Models was there, and had a great, and affordable ($15) paint rack laser cut kit. It took maybe 10 minutes to put together (they say 5, I can see that, but I’m slow some days). There are lots of options out there, but a lot that I’ve seen are very specific to a single brand of paint or jar size. I don’t have limitless desk space, so this caught my eye as it would accommodate a wide range of paint and glue containers from different manufacturers together.

IMG_7416One laser cut paint and glue stand kit.

The parts are nicely cut, and the holes are designed to accommodate different sizes of jars with different openings. It’s a simple glue together with white glue kit. I found it needed a few minutes with some clamps while the glue bonded to get everything nicely aligned.

Test Fitting the pieces, and letting the glue cure with some clamps for a few minutes to make sure everything was nice and tight.

I’m quite pleased with the addition. It looks good, and organizes a bunch of supplies that stay on the workbench, and paints that come out of the drawer when I need to use them. It’s also got the potential with the jar holders that aren’t glued in for me to adjust the openings and patterns a bit to best fit my needs as I use them, which isn’t a bad thing either.

IMG_7437All done, a nice quick addition to my workbench.


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