Taking Project Inspiration from a Friend

My friend Trevor Marshall is a very accomplished model railroader.  You can read about his S-Scale Port Rowan layout on his blog. If you dig around on his site, it has sub-blogs on all kinds of fascinating things like Achievable Layouts and his ongoing dalliance with changing prototypes to the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway Interurban owned by CN.

This post however, is a bit of self motivation. Once my layout prototype and era became crystalized, Trevor went out and bought and has completely repowered, added DCC and painted a Van Hobbies Brass CNR 0-18a switcher. These small 0-6-0’s were the backbone of switching in Toronto, and would have been seen in Liberty Village.

IMG_7350Trevor’s O-18a #7456 at a get together a few weeks ago at a friends HO Scale layout.

Trevor wrote about his project to prepare his 7456, so I won’t get into the details, I’m mostly writing this for two reasons, to say how great a job he did, and to inspire me to do as good a job with mine, so that some day we can have competing O-18a’s switching in Liberty Village!

IMG_7353Looking like it belongs on a layout set in 1970’s Niagara Frontier, well, at least the trackwork is suitably industrial looking!

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