Finally a Paint Booth inside the House

I’ve talked about it before, I’m not going to dig up old posts, but for eternity I’ve never had a proper paint booth. I’ve painted on my old apartments balcony, on our townhouse patio, or at the Toronto Railway Museum in the workshop after hours. Now that we have our house, a proper paint booth setup where I can paint indoors at my convenience was a must. I don’t build a lot of things that need the airbrush, but enough things do, and I’ll have plenty of kits to build in my growing pile for the layout, so being able to spray colour on them at will is going to be a nice change.

IMG_7896My paint booth setup. An IKEA Raskog cart with all my supplies in it and my compressor. With a folding paint booth on top. The vent is run out the 2nd floor bedroom window. It all folds down and packs away into the closet on the cart when I’m not painting.

The booth is the Compact Folding Paint Booth sold by a variety of people on Amazon and in stores under a variety of brand names. I’ve linked to the one I bought here, though it is currently out of stock. It’s a nice all in one unit, and it has LED lights to illuminate the work space. It’s not as fancy as some, and it isn’t without its limitations. It isn’t capable of having lacquers or enamels sprayed as the motor isn’t fully insulated, but I don’t really use these, my experience and painting is all with acrylics.

IMG_7897My first project being painted in the booth, a Sylvan Scale Models moving van.

I don’t have the luxury in a condominium townhouse of punching extra holes in walls for vents, so I needed something that I can vent out the window. The exhaust hose lets me do that, and based on my first test on Friday, it worked perfectly. I was able to spray two colours on two projects quickly, clean my brush, and pack everything away. I am hopeful I’ll be able to paint some more on Sunday/Monday of the Easter long weekend we are currently on. It’s nice to know that I can continue to push myself as I’ve now eliminated an excuse, working on a project to the point where I need to paint it, and not being able to.

IMG_7899Paint on two projects. My CPR S-2 and the Sylvan Moving truck. The S-2 needs another coat to get some spots that didn’t cover fully.

After years of being limited to painting only on days where the weather was good and the humidity low outside, now I can paint whenever I want more or less, which will greatly speed many projects.

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