First Track Laid

Another milestone, I finally reached the point where I was comfortable enough and confident to lay the first piece of track on the layout. I’m starting with the “west” CNR staging traverser and its tail tracks. Its all straight, no turnouts, the wiring drops will be easy and can be done after the track is laid for simplicity. Today I got the first piece aligned, and its now glued down in place.

IMG_8145Track glued down to the cork and weighted down.

I’m going to lay the track one track at a time. I’m using small brass screws at either side of the slide to solder the track down before I cut the gap, an idea I got from Rick DiCandido’s layout where it works far better than I could hope for, so we’ll see if my construction works as well as Rick’s does! I’ve got Fast Tracks sweep sticks and spacers to keep the tracks perfectly parallel and spaced evenly, so in theory when all done and gaps are cut, all the tracks will align and trains can run into and out of staging!

I’ve gone back and forth and back and forth on using cork roadbed. I bought enough to do the layout, and I’ve decided on not. It raises the track too much for the lightly laid rail that was at road height in Liberty Village, and would have meant then having to install a deep subroadbed on the roads as well for the scenery. We’ll see how it goes, but having seen a few others layouts recently modelling industrial areas where they have foregone cork, it sealed the deal on the way their track looks and the way I want mine to look.

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