Tuesday Train #151

IMGP6296RawConvHST No.43002 “Sir Kenneth Grange”, named for the designer of the locomotive type and repainted into original Blue/Grey/Yellow brings up the rear of a Great Western Railway service to the west of England on January 3, 2018 at Slough.

The end of an Era. I grew up as a kid thinking the InterCity125 was the coolest thing ever. So much so, one of the first train sets I ever received was a Hornby IC125 set in the 2nd grey swallow scheme (I always wanted the initial blue/grey, blue’s still my favourite colour!). This past weekend on May 19, 2019 an era ended in the UK, with the end of HST service on The Great Western Railway from London’s Paddington Station.

They must have made an impression on me, this is the 5th Tuesday Train featuring the HST!


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