Two Working Staging Yards

As Count von Count would say, I now have two working staging yards ah ah ah…

Image result for count von count 2 hahaha

Too much? Maybe, but its a little bit of an accomplishment that I now have two fully functioning staging traversers, one in the main layout room for the west end of the layout, and one in the closet for the east!

Doing the one in the main room first was definitely easier. Working in the confined space beneath the closet shelf wasn’t fun, and won’t be again when it comes time to drill holes for wiring, but it’ll get it done and be on our way to actually being able to test and see if trains can get on and off the staging under their own power, not just being pushed by hand.

This week after a couple of really long days at work dealing with deadlines and some role transitioning, I came home and the solitude of soldering rails to the brass screws to hold them aligned and in place, and then cutting the rails so the traverser would move was a couple of hours of peaceful time with my mind to escape some work stress and just enjoy the rewards of why I work hard, being able to come home and build a layout and have the luxury to be able to play with trains at night!

CPR “Parkdale Yard” staging for the east end of my layout, in the open and closed positions. There is still enough room for me to comfortably stand between the staging and the closet wall behind me, so it will be possible to operate here.

Now the next task is to start wiring up the staging yards, and laying track to connect them. I have some friends coming over in a bit over a week for a sunday afternoon wiring and trackwork party, which should be a good opportunity to make some progress and learn some new stills. I can’t wait for the next step forward!!

Tuesday Train # 158

IMGP2981RawConvCanadian National Railways 6043 rests at Assinaboine Park in Winnipeg. On April 25, 1960 this locomotive hauled the final regularly scheduled steam service in Canada. 6043 is a 4-8-2 “Mountain” type and was an oil burner, as many western locomotives were. She’s in the care of the Winnipeg Railroad Museum volunteers, though the area of the park she is in was under construction when I was there and looking a bit unkempt, likely as access was nearly impossible!

Tuesday Train #157

IMGP2882RawConvA CN ballast train passing along the High Line at Winnipeg’s Union Station. The Power is a pair of SD70-2M’s Number 8899 and 8864. More interesting, is the Herzog Ballast Cars. These cars as you can see have solar panels providing power on each car for powering the doors when opening to deposit ballast on areas where trackwork has been done. A freind tells me that these cars are accurate to within 5cm when being operated in terms of where the ballast is being placed!