Closet Organization

One of the things that makes me crazy in life is things being disorganized, and not being able to find things. I haven’t been getting much work done on top of the benchwork of late. It’s late summer, and I’ve been busy enjoying the good weather. That said, I put some time into getting under the benchwork organized, in particular in the closet. Everything was being stored in 80L plastic totes, great for moving, less great for being able to find things in a hurry. I was getting really tired of having to drag out all the tubs to find one tub that was at the bottom where inevitably model railroad stuff was.

My solution, was to use a modular IKEA Shelving system, the IVAR, its a simple unfinished pine system that comes in different depths, widths and heights, and with all kinds of accessories like drawers and baskets. Its perfect for what I wanted in the closet, and fits beneath the benchwork without eating precious space in the already tight closet.

IMG_9814The closet is hard to photograph, but three segments of IVAR from Ikea in place beneath the benchwork for storage.

Setting up the IVAR’s let me get most of the boxes for rolling stock out of plastic totes, even things that aren’t on the layout, just so I can find the boxes and manuals if needed. There is a space for my general toolbox where I can get at tools when needed, a space for my drill set, dremel, etc, instead of having to dig under a desk to find them. I’m still working on figuring out where I want everything to be, but one of the things that IKEA systems are good for, is they are systems. If I decide I want another shelf or a hanging basket, its easy enough to go back and grab them.

Again, photography in the closet isn’t easy, but you can see the supplies and tools organized beneath the layout.

Another days thought on where I want to put things on the shelves, and hopefully I’ll be back to wiring and laying track on the layout.

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