A Peninsula to finish the Benchwork

IMG_0009Another trunk full of lumber, not as much as last time, but enough to finish the job.

I took Friday this week off as a rest/recovery mental health day. I’ve been quite busy at work of late, and put in a bunch of overtime, so wanted to use some of it up and get a lazy day as well. My idea of a lazy day is to be productive on something I really want to do, rather than have to do. So of course, that meant a trip to Home Depot, followed by my off-site woodworking shop to build the last bit of benchwork for my layout, the peninsula that will hold Pardee Avenue. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the final design and form, but it was finally time to just get it done so I could move on with tracklaying.

I didn’t take any pictures of the work in progress. I got into a groove, things were working and coming together as I’d planned, and because working away from home means dragging tools and supplies, I wanted to get done as quick as I could so I could pack up and get back home to see if everything worked. The peninsula is a pretty basic box, as are the legs.

Getting the peninsula in place. These shots show it in the operating position, before I’d finished installing the legs or the hinge.

The peninsula wound up being 40″ long by 22″ wide. There is only a single switch on the peninsula and several buildings/sidings. I needed to get it in place though, as the trackage to get onto the peninsula is complicated with crossovers from switches on the main line along Liberty Street.

More finished and with the hinge in place to start testing the swing.

I managed to damage the small caster wheels from Lee Valley that I’m using while building the legs (i knocked them over and they went over and smashed into the hard concrete floor, sigh). I have replacements now, so will temporarily disassemble the legs and replace them. I also need to get some ballast for the bottom to help keep the casters on the ground. Once that fettling is done, I’ll make sure the surface is level and do the final fastening of everything together. Then I can get on with making sure everything is level at the transition across the joint when I install the foam on the peninsula, and then its back to tracklaying. It was indeed a good day off work!

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