Liberty Village in 2005

Of late I’ve been digging through some old digital photographs, hunting for anytime I might have been in the Liberty Village area taking pictures which would be of use to me in my layout, and I found some! I clearly took a walk through Liberty Village at some point in 2005, as I found pictures of both the Brunswick Balke Collender and Hinde & Dauche buildings before restoration/expansion happened. They aren’t the greatest photographs, but they do show a lot more detail of what the painted signage looked like on both buildings to help me in modelling them when I get to construction. A nice little find in my own archives after much searching online for good pictures of these buildings.

P1000909.JPGBrunswick-Balke-Collender company, south elevation. I can definitely see what it says on the 2nd and 3rd tiers now. “English American Pocket Billiard Tables” and “Bowling Alleys and Supplies”. The best part about what are ghost signs now (actually gone now) is that in a layout set in the 1950’s, they’d have been well cared for and legible.
Ghost signs and old building form at Hinde and Dauche, before the building was rennovated and more storeys added for the “toy factory lofts”. A misnomer that reflected that Irwin Toys used the building after Hinde and Dauche closed, but I guess it was better marketing than the “Box Factory Lofts” would have been!

Hopefully my ongoing search and get me pictures of the final building I really have no detail on, the E.W. Gillett Company/Standard Brands Mill and Elevator building that stood on Pardee Avenue.

2 thoughts on “Liberty Village in 2005

  1. Hi Steven, as a member of the former Liberty Village located Model Railroad Club of Toronto, some of the old time members recall the days of steam switchers in Liberty Village. Apparently both CN and CP would run independent jobs into the maze of track work. With one railroad finishing all of their work switching cars to or from their home road, followed by the other. They did not work the industries at the same time due to the congestion. If you didn’t know this, perhaps a fun way to add some operational interest into your very neat model railroad. Very impressed with your track plan and research. Keep up the great work! Dave

    • Thanks Dave, I’m glad you find the site interesting. Yes, I’ve collected a limited amount of information on operations in the village, but it’s interesting to hear from people who have observed the operations. My scheme is going to involve both railways, operating to their own means, but not necessarily overlapping. Depending on how many people or how long an Op session is, it could involve one crew operating both one after the other, or a CN and CP crew, with one having a break while the other works. Lots of potential from a lot of industries in a small space!


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