A quick Boxing Day Project

Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, for some a day of copious consumption, for others, another day of rest. I can’t be bothered to go fight the hordes at the stores, there is nothing I need that badly that can’t wait or be bought at regular price!

So with that, I’m watching English Premier League soccer (oh Newcastle..this is not going well) and ticking off a small but necessary to do project. I’ve painted the legs for the peninsula of the layout. Up to now they had been unpainted pine. Now that I am happy with them, a coat of satin black paint has been applied to help them blend away. I will at some point make a fabric cover for underneath to hide wiring and switch machines and the like, and add a fascia around the benchwork, but painting the legs has definitely give a bit of a more “finished” look to the peninsula.

Before and after, a simple coat of black paint really helps the legs disappear and look more finished.

Now to get on with the trackwork on the peninsula so I can actually swing it out of the way and stop banging my head and back into it navigating around it!

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