Finishing a Tool Organizer

A couple of months ago I ordered a new desk tool organizer. When it arrived, I was mostly happy with it, aside from a couple of lazy/sloppy design “features”. The main one was that the tool organizer was a thin piece of laser cut wood, but there was no lower organizer to keep tools upright or in the slot, things just flopped about. This to me defeats the purpose, so today I visited one of my off-site workshops that has a drill press to quickly make an insert piece to provide some hold for tools put in the slots.

My drilled out wood block in place, with spacers beneath to raise it from the bottom of the tool organizer, and the laser cut top piece back in place.

With the new piece in place, tools actually stand up in their hole, and the organizer becomes useful. I’m still working on which tools I want where, and what all i’m going to keep in this long term, but it brings me closer to one of my 2019 goals of improving my workbench organization a bit.

IMG_1040Tool organizer doing its job, organizing tools!

2 thoughts on “Finishing a Tool Organizer

  1. “Off-site workshop” — a friend with a drill press? 🙂

    I need to get something like this. Who made this kit?

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