Wayfinding in the Layout Room

This is a subject I will come back to, but this week I ordered a set of laser cut Toronto street signs, customized to the streets of Liberty Village.

IMG_1153Laser cut Toronto street signs, one large one for the room door, and a series of small ones for the layout fascia.

I had the pleasure of operating on a layout last week at a friends that is still under construction, but the one big takeaway was to make sure whenever I am at the point where I will be having people over to operate, that my layout is well signposted. There was some confusion on Pierres layout as it is still very much a work in progress,  but my takeaway was, good signage to help people figure out where they are on a layout, is just as important as in the real world.

I had seen these before and knew I wanted them, so it was jump in and place my order rather than sit around and wait. A local coffee shop/3D printer/laser cutting/maker space called The Maker Bean already had the design and offered them for sale. All I had to do was let them know what text I wanted on each sign. Being only slightly pedantic, I had a list ready since sometime in 2019 with the street names and the numbers (Toronto street signs have the number of the next property on that side of the street below the street name, now you know!)

Small signs resting against the backdrop, they will eventually be mounted to the fascia, and the large sign on the room door.

I haven’t decided if I am going to paint them or not, I’m going to wait until I see how the fascia looks, and if they need the coat of paint to make them pop. They look really really good as they are. If I don’t paint them, I will likely just clear coat them for protection. The sign mounted to the door is hung with velcro command strips, the ones on the fascia will eventually be glued into place once I get to the point of being ready to attach them.

At some point, I may also want signs for the industries. Some of them will be obvious as they have big painted signs on the buildings, others may not be, so a sign on the fascia that says “Toronto Carpet” may not be a bad thing, time will tell, I also don’t want to clutter the fascia.

It was nice to use a local supplier for this, and I was able to get a couple of 3D printed parts done at a great price for another non-layout project I’ll no doubt blog about down the line when there is something to write about. Another small step in the layout building adevnture.

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