Cheap and Cheerful Scenery in an Evening

My layout has been very pink, the nature of using pink 1/2″ insulation on top of the plywood sub-base is that the room has been pink since September 2018, Its time for it to start looking a bit more like something, less pink! On the weekend I marked out roughly where my paved streets will go, which meant I could come back and paint them with some artists acrylics to quickly add some colour, and start to hide the pink foam!

Liquitex Raw Sienna and Neutral Grey 5 tubes of paint from Michaels, and the start of a quick coat of the grey on the roads.

This was not a fine art project, it was a quick and thin coat, enough to add some colour to see how things are, and guide doing future scenery. I was careful to keep paint off the tracks and ties, though they’ll get painted themselves eventually too.

After adding in raw sienna, the pink is mostly gone, and it actually looks a bit like a layout!

I have to thank my friend Trevor for suggesting this as a do sooner than later task. It really makes a huge difference, more than I’d even thought for less than $10 in paint (and I have lots of both colours left for future projects) and less than 2 hours work to paint, photograph and blog about it. Between the fascia and the quick coat of paint, the layout is almost presentable to someone who isn’t a model railroader and who doesn’t realize how long it takes sometimes to get things done in this hobby!

IMG_1396Panorama of the layout, now with less Pink! There is still some bare foam in staging, I didn’t paint the staging for now, I needed somewhere to move things too while I painted the sceniced area!

I still need to get my act together and finish the wiring so I can test powered equipment all along the layout. I’m going to work on wiring this weekend I think, I’d really like to run a train all the way along the line just to say I can!

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