A new Task Lamp for the Workbench

IMG_2288New task lamp ready for unboxing and setting up

At the beginning of February we got together at my friend Hunter Hughson’s, and I was admiring his LED task lamp on his workbench. During Train Night In Canada last week, I was asking him about it and if he liked it. He reported that he loved it, so that was enough to sell me on buying one to try. Generally I’m happy with my workbench, except for the fact that I don’t have light shining at my work, its shining at me. This isn’t something I can easily fix, but a fixture like this that has super solid joints, and bright LED’s is perfect, as it can sit beside me and shine light on what I’m working on instead of in my face.

New light out of the box on my workbench, and set up in at least the first place I’m going to have it sit.

The light is touch on and off, which is great as it means it won’t get marked up by paint and glue if I’ve got any on my fingers. It also has three colour temperatures and can be dimmed/brightened on each setting. The lamp is by Tensor (there only seems to be a website for their parent company, not them individually), I bought it through Amazon, I don’t know if its available from others. As I write, Amazon.ca shows one left in stock. The model number on the box is 20276-002 if you are google searching for it.

So far, I’m quite happy with it. My workbench isn’t bad in the daytime because of the skylight, but at night, the current room lighting is garbage, and when I replace that with layout lighting, it won’t necessarily help the workbench, so this was an affordable approach to get some more light easily that I can direct where I want. It’s also helping with workbench photography as now I can get light from behind the camera instead of in front of it!

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