Tuesday Train #192

IMGP1953As I continue to troll old photos for this, I came across this shot, of a Quebec & Gatineau Railway GP38 No.2008 working on the Goderich and Exeter in Kitchener in 2007. Both the Q&G and the GEXR are owned by Rail America, whose corporate Orange and Black with yellow trim the locomotive is seen wearing.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Train #192

  1. Somehow among the G&W ubiquity I find it exciting to discover the QGRY engines. Not sure why but they feel special. I remember how exciting it was to see QGRY 3327 in Stellarton, Nova Scotia back in 2014. The data geek I am, I wonder what are the most nomadic engines in the G&W fleet; whose engines travel to other reaches of the empire most often? Which G&W shortline never lets its engines leave.


    • I was thinking if you Bernard when I came across this shot while digging through my image archives looking for stuff to post as a Tuesday Train! Figured you’d enjoy seeing power from the line you model down here rather than up in Quebec with the G&W’s apparent policy of send power where we need it not where its painted for in full force and effect!


      • Thanks and yes indeed! That’s one of the reasons it’s possible to model QGRY inHO scale because I certainly can run GEXR, Huron Central And other Genesee and Wyoming Canadian shortlines on my layout. It’s a great pic by the way.

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