Finding Things that Didn’t work

So, working from home means I’m working at my day job from my modelling workbench. It’s not all bad, though it poses different challenges when you need a break from work, or when you get frustrated at something you are working on having your distraction at your finger tips instead of having to stick at the work and get things done.

In any event, last week while sitting and working, I heard a popping sound from the layout behind me, the way the sun comes in through the skylight it only catches a small part of the layout as it works its way around the room, but it turns out, that it was more than enough in the concentrated heat box the suns path creates (which passes right over where I’m sitting and working from about 12:30-2:30 causing a great risk of desk naps) to cause the No More Nails adhesive holding the fascia on to fail!

IMG_2553Well that ain’t right….

In theory it’s an easy fix, do a better job of putting more of the adhesive in place and press the styrene fasica back into place. We will see if it holds this time! Certainly not a big problem, but the heat change with the sun is far greater than the normal climate variances and how fast things heat and cool in the layout room. I suspect anywhere not directly in the suns path will be ok, but we shall see in the course of time.

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