A Smokestack for Hinde & Dauch

There are four buildings on my layout that have large industrial smokestacks for boiler houses that powered the plants. Each is a different shape. The two round ones I am using off the shelf products to get two different looks. I’m not above using things off the shelf if they work and are close enough! I’ve got two that are different shapes. The chimney at Canadian General Electric is a gorgeous octagonal chimney, tapered, and with the sides two different widths, four wide sides flanked by four narrower sides to create the octagon. That one’s gonna take some doing to model!. The fourth at Hinde & Dauch is square, so I built that one tonight.

I got the chimney built so fast, I didn’t take any pictures as I went. I built it using brick sheet from the N Scale Architect. I decided not to laminate the brick sheet to a backing, I don’t think the chimney needs it, we’ll see if I regret that down the road. The sides are 1.25″ at the bottom, and 1″ at the top, so it gets a slight taper. I used a 0.125 square styrene rod to form the corners, and glued it with styrene cement. I built a top to enclose it with 0.08×0.250 styrene, and then added 0.03x.250 styrene around the top, with brick sheet layered over that to create the capping. I haven’t finished the bottom as yet. Once I see how the rest of the building comes together, to set the height I may need to build an extension base to get the height right, but for an hours work I have something that is close to the chimney’s appearance, as opposed to a piece of dowel with some wood disks screwed into it!

Before and after, the wood dowel is replaced by a styrene brick chimney in the slowly progressing Hinde & Dauch factory complex.

Not bad for an hour at the workbench where my workbench looks like some kind of explosion. Turns out taking everything off the top shelf to rectify an oversight from when I built the desk two years ago does that. I never sealed the top shelf, its been find, but its rough and it collects dust and grime, and is hard to clean. So this evening I took everything off it, sanded it, and put a first coat of sanding sealer on it. I’m going to sand it and re-coat it tomorrow. Then, after the Canada Day holiday tomorrow, I’ll go out and pick up some varathane clear coat to apply on Thursday and get a nice clean finish. This should help that top shelf stay cleaner by having a coating I can easily wipe off. This isn’t an issue on the main bamboo work surface, though its probably due for a cleaning and oiling as well to keep it in good condition after two years. Another thing for the list!

Top shelf of my workbench cleaned and with the first coat of sanding sealer drying.

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