Scenery for my Narrow Gauge Shelf

Sometimes, I find I set things aside, and they just slip off my radar. I wrote almost two years ago now about the small free lanced narrow gauge shelf and getting it wired up at that time. Since then, I’ve completely ignored it until last weekend.

As I am waiting as seems so often the case on delayed packages to keep working on the layout, I was looking for something to do. I realized, quickly getting some basic groundcover on the shelf would let me move some things around, and get my narrow gauge equipment out on display.

Basic scenery going down on the narrow gauge mini-layout/display shelf

Since this is kinda a freelance, the scenery is pretty much what I feel. There was an area designed for a platform for my Lynton and Barnstaple/Southern models, and then some back and forth runny around stuff for my Talyllyn model which is getting some scruffy dirt/grass, and an area in the foregound which will have a gravel road of some sort. I need to get some lineside fencing (which is now ordered, another package to wait for!) and things to add some detail. I’m going to add station fencing at the back and a station name board as well. Along with some ballast on the tracks, the little bit of ground cover does an amazing job of taking it from an Ikea shelf with track glued on it, to a diorama in a few short hours of work and waiting on glue drying!

It needs some touching up, and whenever I get a static grass applicator (or borrow one as the cost outlay for the size of my layout may or may not be worth it) and some touchups, but, its good enough for now to at least put in the bookcase and get some more models out on display. Hopefully the mean time between working on this will be a lot less than 2 years after I get my laser cut kits from the UK (hopefully in July, definitely by August) to get some more scenery on this done.

Looking more finished, and slid into the bookcase beneath The Railway Village model. A layout room reorg of book cases has been going on of late!

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