Moving Mock-ups to be Temporary Buildings

It’s going to take me a while to build all the buildings on my layout, but that doesn’t mean I can’t improve the mockups. Some have received printouts of more accurate shapes and window patterns taped on to help visualize how I am compressing them. Today, thanks to the miracle of colour printing, I have added some real realism to the Toronto Carpet Factory building.

Photographs perspective cropped in Photoshop giving a better sense of the accurate height and appearance of the Carpet Factory.

As well, while I said I’d finished the mock ups, I realized that I had in fact not done so. I now have mock ups of the last two buildings that are located along the layout edge. These really drive home creating tight spaces on the layout, and fortunately are small enough that they shouldn’t get in the way of operators reach to uncouple cars.

The Bowser Mfg building on the southeast of Liberty Street and Mowat Avenue.

I’m squeezing a large block into a small space in the pictures below, trying to keep the “feel” of the buildings but not the proportions. We will see how this goes, this building has been honestly kicking my butt this week trying to figure out compression and window patterns and such. The left side is the important part as it gets space for a loading dock that was on the building. The right side is because I want to model at least a little bit of the building at 58 Atlantic on the corner, as it has 2nd floor bay windows that add visual interest compared to the other buildings on the layout.

The south side between Jefferson Ave and Atlantic Ave.

So, one thing I’ve realized, including the buildings between the edge of the benchwork and the track was both a great idea and a bad idea. It photographs great, but it will certainly add challenges to operation and cleaning track. That said, so far I’m happier with them than I think I would be without them, so on we go.

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