Checking Layout Clearances

There is one spot on the layout where I know I have a very tight clearance between a building and a telephone/light pole (there is yet another project I’m working on that warrants its own post). The good thing is I am not planning on running longer (50′) equipment very much. My curves and switches are very tight, which precludes long equipment operating. As well, 50′ box cars were not common yet in the 1950s which I am modelling. That said, locomotives and the cars I am using do need to be able to get about the layout without running into things or scraping along the sides of buildings!

Views of the pinch points on the layout, but the good news is the widest and longest equipment does clear them.

As you can see from the pictures, I am working on installing light/hydro poles along the line. These are not railway telegraph poles, but City hydro poles that have streetlights on them. I don’t intend on adding the hydro wire between them, as it would block access for uncoupling, but they are going to have working streetlights, so I am using styrene so I can run wires down them to below the layout for power. There are a couple that create very tight pinches between them and buildings/fences on the layout as can be seen above, but in checking, they are clear, and gently tilting the pole bases towards the front fascia when I installed tubes into the pink foam base, I gained a little bit more clearance. This is almost certainly something I should have thought about more before finishing the track and paving the roads, but I seem to have escaped disaster as things stand as everything still fits!

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