New Workbench Tool

Sometimes I really wonder about how I’ve ever managed to build anything. It seems to be a regular occurrence that I’ve blogged about tools that seem like something I would have had for years, that I’ve been making do without. This time, its about a small portable workbench vise, from PanaVise. This is their entry level PanaVise Jr (201) model vise, but its compact, and plenty big to hold HO Scale freight cars upside down while you are installing brake and underbody detail. For years I’ve made do with an ever more cat fur coated foam cradle for this task.

Recently received PanaVise Jr in the box, out of the box, and holding a boxcar.

In the week or so I’ve had this, I’ve now gotten back to working on the brake and underbody detail on the first of many boxcar kits I am building that reached the point of being ready for that, but never got any further as underbody detail is not my favourite project. It still isn’t, but having a proper tool to hold the car while I am working on installing it can only make it better!

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