Sometimes its a simple thing

So last week I wrote about how sick I was of looking at the layout spending all day in my layout room as my home office. I’m not sure what flicked the switch, but last night for the first time in what feels like forever (its really just a few weeks), I stayed in the layout room, and puttered. This is a good thing, and a sign that I’m in a good space when I just happily putter away at a bunch of things and get things done without over thinking things or psyching myself out.

I had a super productive couple of hours. I glued down some building foundations, added trim to the lighting valance in advance of painting it, fixed the valance in the closet, worked on adjusting bullfrogs to install in switches, and did the brake piping and rigging on the first of the six or so box car kits I have started or plan on starting in the near future.

Finally, the underbody plumbing and rigging done on one box car project, and on to ladders and other details. I have many more to do, but this was a mental block of late to do one.

I think, my spurt of motivation is two fold, writing about my feeling meh, and the fact that this weekend is the rescheduled Le Mans 24 Hour race. I am really really looking forward to the race this year. I missed last year mostly as I was away (I was having fun, but couldn’t undertake my traditional planting of myself in front of a monitor for the race), and given all that’s gone on in 2020, the prospect of the race has me excited, and I’m going to be in my office/layout room with many screens going and have decided I want to do as many little projects on the layout as possible. I think this weekend will see me make a bunch of progress on things, and that has me excited to go again!

5 thoughts on “Sometimes its a simple thing

    • Hi Rene,

      You’d think that, yet last night I was fumbling around trying to hold the box car while installing grabs instead of using the vise that was sitting on the work bench right in front of me. I eventually remembered I had the vise to hold the car while i work!


  1. Good to see you getting “back in the saddle”. A couple of questions, if I may.
    1. Are you using Kadee 242 or 262 coupler boxes? Not many people know about the 262 — they only work with the whisker couplers — but they are noticeably narrower.
    2. Which model panavise do you have? Looks very handy.

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