Hindsight 20/20 5.0 – Virtual Railway Prototype Modellers Meet

So, two of my friends and fellow modellers are amongst the co organizers of a series of Virtual RPM (Railway Prototype Modeller) meets. They convinced me for their upcoming 5th event on December 5th, to give a presentation on my layout and the prototype I am modelling. So, with that in mind, I am making sure any readers who might be interested in listening to me ramble for half an hour on their Saturday afternoon, instead of reading the blog can do so!

There are also, lots of other interesting clinicians, that may even interest you more than hearing me ramble for half an hour! They have been enjoyable, and they can be on in the background while you work on models at your workbench! The Virtual RPM keeps the learning going, even if some of the social aspects of a gathering of model railroaders aren’t there in 2020!

Free Registration is through the Speedwitch Media website linked here. The presentations are not recorded, so this is kinda a one and done deal if you are interested. All times in the flyer above are eastern timezone. Again, it is a free event, so its a great way to learn from other amazing model railroaders.

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