Tuesday Train #226

A lucky eureka moment. I have been trying for ages since I did a dive through my digital camera archives a couple of years ago trying to find out where I had taken some photographs. All I knew for sure was that this photo was somewhere between Campbelville and Cambridge, and I knew that as I took the picture while driving from Georgetown where my parents lived back to Waterloo to see friends at Christmas in December 2002 when I was unemployed between finishing school and getting my first job in February 2003. On a drive through the countryside a few weeks ago, a random turn lead me to a scenic crossing, and when I got home, I realized I knew that location! For those who want to know, its Concession Road 14 near the Mountsberg Conservation Area, which also has the CPR crossing the lake in the CA across a causeway. Something else to go photograph some day!

Its a great spot for westbound CPR traffic headed toward London. Its a middling location for an eastbound from London. I will have to go back, and as a Bonus, two minutes up the road is a local farm with fresh baked goods including Butter Tarts on Saturdays… Danger!!!

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