Slow and Steady Scenic Process

Every little bit helps. As I talked about at the start of the year, little projects, not even projects, tasks. Add some gravel road here, some contrast dirt/powder there, some static grass over top. Just whenever I have had the urge, I do something small to advance the scenery. The result of many little tasks is that it is starting to look like something in places.

Bringing the peninsula slowly to life. contrast powders on the gravel driveways, scruffy grass cover on the dirt areas.

There is always more to do, but each addition of scenery brings it a little more to life. Every time I walk in and see a pop of colour from some grass, or some little project done, it makes me feel good and keeps me motivated. All the static grass I have applied has been 2mm basing, I will go back over time and here and there add longer, scruffy grass in places where it would have gotten longer and scruffier, but even just the basics helps bring it to life. It also drives home how much I need to get some paint on the structures, but that will be a springtime job, as they are too big to paint in my paintbooth, so it needs to stop being cold and snowy outside so I can paint on our patio again (nevermind I have at least 2 buildings to finish building for my eastern end in 2021 goal!).

Bringing the permanent way to life, some scruffy grass adding some colour and texture to the dirt cover and ballast.

Every little bit of scenery, I improve at what I am doing, I learn things, and I apply them to the next bit. Its nice to keep plugging away, and it gives me something to do to keep the mind of everything else in the world I can’t control.

2 thoughts on “Slow and Steady Scenic Process

  1. Looking good! With the colours of the grass and gravel, it takes a while for me to notice the mockups in the background.

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