February Boxcar Builds become March Paintshop Projects

A cycle through my painting process in my paint booth as described below showing primer to paint, and how I hold freight car kits while I am painting them.

On Saturday, both the 10’6″ interior height Canadian Pacific Boxcars I wrote about yesterday got a coat of primer. Of late, I have been using Vallejo Surface Primer. I used to use Tamiya Fine Surface Primer in rattle cans. I know there is a jar version of the Tamiya available as well for airbrushing, but thus far I haven’t experimented with it. I have friends who swear by it, so at some point I probably will try it.

In terms of process, I do the same order for primer and painting. First I paint the underside while holding the car by hand so I can manoeuvre to get into fiddly areas of the underside. Once it is ready for the rest, I have a block of wood with holes cut at the truck spacing for 36′ and 40′ cars, and I can drill more holes for other lengths of cars as needed. With it on the wooden block, I can spin the car inside my paint booth, lift it up to get different angles, tip it to get at the top, etc. Once it is painted, I lift it by the two cut down bamboo skewers that fit in the holes in the piece of wood, and move it to a drying rack (actually a Tamiya painting rack, but it works better for freight cars as a holder post painting!).

With that, I now have a pair of CPR boxcars in mineral red. I used Rapido Trains Protopaint on this, as it is drying, I suspect I am going to need a coat of clear gloss before I apply decals so they go down well. That will happen sometime later this week once the paint has cured and I have an evening where I feel like pulling out the paint booth again.

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