Not so Blank a Canvas Anymore

Before the long weekend, I quickly posted about a “Blank Canvas” ready for something to happen. That canvas is not so blank anymore…

A solid bit of work over a 5 day long weekend. The foam is not glued down yet, but the project is starting to take shape.

I don’t really need to be building another diorama, but, while I have been making great progress on the layout, other aspects of scenery and building models have needed to be scratched, so I have gone ahead with the “I Blame Mears” project of a mini diorama of a short stretch of the CPR Galt Subdivision in Milton, why? Why not?

Starting to create the landforms for my Canyon Road diorama. An actual CPR train climbing the grade under the wooden farm bridge at Canyon Road on the right for the goal of the dioramas feel.

I will write about this in more detail in the near future, but this is the first time I have used a “Hot Wire” tool, a new acquisition for my toolkit to sculpt foam. I will say this much, it is so much less messy than cutting foam with a regular knife, one might even say life altering. My Version 1 attempts at the land-forms are in this picture. They may end up as the final ones, I don’t know yet, I do know that I am learning with every cut that I make to get better.

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