Sometimes Little Things go a long way

Last weekend I had the big can of sky blue paint out for the “Blank Canvas” to paint the newly built backdrop. While it was out, I took the opportunity to touch up the backdrop on the layout. In a few spots where track is close to it, and where the roads meet it, I have made a mess with airbrush over-spray or remnants of drywall compound road material. It took less than 5 minutes to take a brush and go around the layout and fix all the obvious ugly spots. They will probably need more touchups before things are said and done, but it makes a huge difference in a few spots to get rid of ugly marks on what should be my neutral sky.

You can see the fresh touchups in the pictures looking more white than blue, but as the paint dries, it finds its colour and blends into the backdrop.

Is this a project that makes the layout? No, but its one of those little things that took no time or effort really, and which makes me feel better when I’ve walked into the room and don’t go “ugh those marks are terrible, I was so sloppy painting/installing the roads”. Like I said, sometimes its the little things that go a long way on a big project like building a layout.

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