Tuesday Train #257

SD40-2’s and SD40-2f Red Barns in Sudbury in 2007! Digging into the archives. Taken during an intermission of a Plymouth Whalers-Sudbury Wolves OHL Final game on May 13, 2007. In this picture are SD40-2 #5788 (sold for scrap 2017), SD40-2F #9001 (Sold to J&L Consulting 2016), SD40-2 #5642 (sold to Larry’s Truck & Electric in 2016) and SD40-2F #9007 (Sold to J&L Consulting 2016).

While the crew was marshalling these locomotives, a southbound freight came through with two more SD40-2’s. Lead by SD40-2 5911 (still on the shrinking active roster of these in 2021), leading GE AC4400CW #9552 (Now rebuilt as an AC4400CWM and re-numbered #8014), and SD40-2 #5841 (retired in 2016).

Truly something that can’t be re-created as virtually all of these locomotives are gone. Glad I came across these when sorting and working through some adjustments to my photo archives. I had totally forgotten I had taken them.

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