Tuesday Train #261

Up the hill at Weston Subdivision Milepost 4.8 for UP Express 1006 heading from Pearson Airport to Union Station. The train is seen heading south coming out of the underpass constructed to facilitate the airport train and GO Transit expansion, removing a flat crossing of the CN Weston Subdivision (north south) from the CPR North Toronto Subdivision (east-west) where the CPR Galt Subdivision (the two tracks on the left) turned from north/south to east-west) and CPR Mactier Subdivision (not visible to the right) starts at the North Toronto to head north toward Sudbury.

This picture is taken from the Wallace Avenue pedestrian bridge. A great spot for watching passenger trains (you can also see CPR crossing above them) that amazingly, despite living a 15 minute walk from from 2005 to 2018, I never really railfanned at.

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