A bit of Before and After on freight cars

As I have written about recently, I am starting to actually attempt to weather cars for my layout. Taking it slow and steady. Last night, I took four cars, and added some base grime with the airbrush and the Iwata Comair weathering set I’d written about in the earlier post. They are by no means done being weathered, but a few simple passes with some light and dark dirt, and some smokey black over the roofs, and even just in quick shots in the spray booth, the cars are much less plasticy looking for the three factory cars (2 Rapido and one Kadee), and more used for the Tichy flatcar kit.

Left-Right: Rapido TH&B USRA, Kadee Buffalo Creek, and Rapido Pennsylvania X31 before and after some light spray weathering.
Tichy flatcar before and after some road dirt is added.

There is still plenty more to do on these cars, but it is very satisfying to spend 20 minutes with the airbrush and have the cars start to pop with some life instead of being shiny and plasticy. Lots more learning to do, and still more will be done to these cars.

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