Tuesday Train #272

Lest We Forget.

Thursday this week is Remembrance Day. Please take a moment to pause and remember all those who have lost their lives to war. The Canadian Pacific Railway has painted five SD70ACu locomotives to honour branches of the military. Seen here is 7021 heading west at Royal York Road in Toronto wearing the “Army Arid Regions Camouflage” paint scheme.

Tuesday Train #271

Nighttime in Cochrane. The southbound Polar Bear from Moosonee arrives into Cochrane on September 16th, 2021. We took a week for an explore of Northern Ontario. We didn’t take the Polar Bear, but we did stay at the Ontario Northland Station Hotel in Cochrane. Below are pictures of ONR 2202 at rest as dusk settles after switching the freight shed as we arrived, the 4am departure of Train 313 for Hearst on Friday morning, and the view from our hotel after sunrise with the power for Friday’s Polar Bear waiting to go to work. Yes, I did get up specifically at 4am to go outside and watch the freight depart, being there for the trains was why we stayed at the Station Hotel!

Below, are videos of the Polar Bear arriving and 313 departing. The Polar Bear is a mixed train, bringing cars, passengers and large packages/luggage in box cars. It used to be combined with the now separate freight to Moosonee, but they are now separate services again.