Something Blue and Beautiful and completely not for the Layout!

Another week, another arrival for 2022, this is turning into a spendy year and its only 3 weeks old!

Unboxing and checking out the Rails of Sheffield/Bachmann Caledonian 0-6-0 No.828 in its “As Preserved” form on the Strathspey Railway in Scotland.

This time, it is yet another British locomotive for my collection. a Caledonian Railway 812 Class 0-6-0, painted as No.828, the sole survivor of the class. I had the pleasure of seeing her in 2011 at the Severn Valley Railway Autumn Steam Gala, and it was fantastic. This is purely and totally a “makes me happy” purchase. It was ordered in June 2018, so it’s been almost a four year wait, but so far, after some quick inspections and testing, a wait well worth it.

828 seen from the 2nd floor terrace of The Engine House in Highley on the Severn Valley Railway in 2011. Gorgeous locomotive, even at 25mph slowing to the station stop!

I need to actually get my pop up photo booth out and take some beauty shots of this and the SD70ACu (especially before I weather the latter). A task for next week. A couple of quick test videos of 828 on the programming track being operated from the ESU Lokprogrammer follow.

While not nearly as good looking as the videos of the model, I wasn’t even sure I had uploaded these, but a couple of low quality videos from the camera I had at the time in 2011 are below:

2 thoughts on “Something Blue and Beautiful and completely not for the Layout!

  1. When I saw that engine advertised in one of the British model railway magazines I wanted to order it too. It is just such a beautiful model. However, I couldn’t justify it at the time. It really looks sharp!

    • Fair, it’s hard to justify, and I really don’t need it! I am also most definitely a collector of British Models, given my family background and earliest memories of trains visiting my grandparents in Scotland. Once upon a time when I dreamed of a big house with a large basement I had thought of building multiple layouts, including a British themed one, that big house notion is long gone, but I have some ideas still for a larger mini layout/diorama for the British models instead of just filling display cases or being in boxes.


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