I’m Calling the Canyon Road diorama finished

Today is a good day, I am calling a project I started basically a year ago complete. There are still some minor things I could or need to do, mostly wiring (I am waiting on wiring harness connectors to connect it to my DCC system to be able to run locomotives on the diorama), and insofar as any model is ever “finished”, I am at a point with it where I am happy and and ready to live with it for a while before I decide if I want to adjust any scenery or add any more grass/details. The nice thing about projects like this, is they are kind of alive, they can grow and evolve over time. Who knows what new scenery technique I may learn and want to apply to this to improve it down the road?

How it Started..How it’s Going.. February 7/2021 to February 12/2022

I teasingly when I started this project “blamed” my friend Chris Mears for the inspiration to build it. I’m glad I found the inspiration. This project for the past year as an aside from the layout has made me happy, and helped me at time find motivation to work on it when my motivation on the layout maybe had flagged or when I needed a change of pace. The scenery on this is very different from the layout, and I think that it was really good for me to have this as a foil to the scenery on the layout, especially given some recent issues on the layout, that kinda motivated me to get this kicked across the “finish line” as it were.

Scene…Created. I am quite pleased with how this has turned out. It definitely captures the “feel” of Canyon Road in Campbellville and the wooden farm bridge.

This was built specifically to fit into an IKEA Billy bookcase, it was built on a Billy Shelf as a base. It is now safely slid into the bookcase it will live in. Now while I am at work on my workbench for my day job when I turn to my left, I will see the diorama and whatever equipment I have out on it.

Just an overview before it was slid away to give a sense of the diorama. This is not the intended viewing angle!
And slid home in the bookcase. Still need to weather the SD70ACu. Struggling to build up to spray grime on something so shiny!

2022 has started really well for me in terms of advancing or finishing projects, hopefully I can keep this momentum up. It feels good to be making progress. I’m not going to lie, it also feels good to get this into the bookcase for a while, I think I was growing weary of it taking up space in the centre of my layout room. Even in just the hour or so since I put it away, the room feels bigger without this sitting out on my tool cart as an active project. I have plenty more on the go, and more to write about on the Diorama before I’m done with it, but I need to get some of those things finally polished off to actually write about them.

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