Let there be more light

I am, as is the case for most of us as we age losing some of my eyesight. I have worn glasses since I was a teenager, and a few years ago I finally broke down and bought an Optivisor to help with working with small parts and details. It has, been a life saver in terms of my ability to see what I am doing and get things done, but, of late I have been finding I am still struggling to get enough light on the workbench and on what I am working on in certain circumstances. My layout room/workshop is constrained by the skylight, that makes the room super bright in the daytime, but which means the light in the room is in a weird position and hard to move. I recently discovered a lighting kit for my Optivisor, and purchased one from Gesswein Canada, a jewellers supply house here in Toronto about 10 minutes from home. I had never heard of them before the google search that brought me there, but when I picked up the order in their little show room, the selection of tools and such blew me away, I can say I will at some point be placing an order for a variety of small hand tools when I need to update my pliers and small tools.

Lighting my Optivisor

The light unit has six LED’s which ring the lenses. They are powered by two AA batteries in a pack that straps onto the side of the visor. It took all of about 5 minutes to unscrew the lens, use the longer pins to connect it to the light, and snap everything back together. My initial work with it seems to be a positive result, there is definitely more light where I am looking with the Optivisor on. Even as the days grow longer as summer approaches, a return to the office for work is coming for me after two years of Covid work from home, this will mean more of my modelling happens after 8 or 9 at night, instead of at 5 or 6 in the evening when a commute on the TTC returns to my life instead of literally a 90 degree turn from my work laptop to my workshop bench to work on trains!

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