A quick fix for a Project Mistake

I wrote Friday about my first of two “frankenboxcar” builds. These came about because of an error in packing kits that were sold as being for 10′ high cars, when in fact while the doors and ends were 10′, the bodies were 10′-6″. Making the most of a bad situation, other changes allowed me to get the right bodies to build these cars, and to get kits to make something of the 10′-6″ cars, but, being a dope, I made modifications to the 10′-6″ bodies before discovering they were not the 10′ cars I needed. I had scrapped off the lower door track that was molded on with a chisel to allow me to install the etched brass lower rails for the different door hardware, or so I thought until I discovered I had the wrong car body height.

Fortunately, the bottom rail is basically a rectangular shape, which I could recreate with strip styrene. Using the body I hadn’t scraped the rail off, I was able to confirm the location and the size. A piece of 0.015″ x 0.040″ styrene strip was the perfect match. Two pieces were duly cut to length using the unmodified car as a guide, and carefully held in place while I touched some Tamiya Extra Thin solvent cement to the joint to wick along it and bond the styrene strip to the styrene car body.

Before and after of replacing the bottom rail on one side of the car. Fortunately this was a quick fix, but it pays to check everything is right before you start cutting up models or kits!

Important lesson I probably knew learned/relearned. Make sure everything is in a kit when you get it, and that it is actually what it says on the box! Packing mistakes and such happen at factories. In this case, there was a litany or errors made in packing these kits, but I’m going to come out ahead with 4 models instead of 2 from the bits in them at the end of the day!

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