Obsessive Organizing

I am, an organizer. Its probably why I chose the career I have as an Urban Planner. This, this below is not me in any way shape or form…

Definitely not me…Chaos and me are not friends.

I am, constantly fighting the organization battle in my layout room/workshop/home office. I will deal with things for a while, then I just grind to a stop if I am unhappy with the plan. There is a web comic I love called Heart & Brain by Nick Seluk, it hits me right in the sweet spot, but I am most definitely Brain…others in my household are most definitely Heart. Read some of the comics and you’ll get it if that isn’t immediately obvious. I have certainly in my time on this blog more than once written about me perchance for over thinking myself into a corner or inertia.

Yeah, definitely not this…I do not do good with Miscellaneous… (Courtesy theAwkwardYeti.com)

Recently, the drawer I have been using to store styrene sheets and remnant off cuts in (i am loathed to throw our scratch building materials) had reached a point of non function. This then sent me down the rabbit hole of looking for solutions to a “problem” that I had created in my mind at least. Fortunately, I found an answer after some time looking at all sorts of drawer and organizer units. A really nice, though not cheap set of 10 shallow drawers from Durable, a company seemingly based in Europe, but good old Amazon had their products.

Blessed organization, ten shallow drawers of stryrene, sorted by thickness or type as appropriate…ahhhh bliss

I wound up going with the 10 drawer unit. The shallow drawers are perfect for storing off cuts and sheets of Styrene. The 10 drawers also allowed me to have a drawer for each thickness of sheet, and some drawers for brick or patterned sheet, clear, and even a dreaded “Miscellaneous” drawer of things that didn’t fit anywhere else. It also has freed up a large, but somewhat awkward drawer that hides beneath my keyboard extension shelf/workbench extension I built for working at home. I am not sure what I am going to put in this drawer yet, but having an open drawer is always nice as it lets me consider other parts of my organization of things to see if there are things in drawers that would make more sense put away here. Its an ongoing process.

With that, I leave you with some Radiohead, as it sums up where I like to be in terms of my workshop organization!

4 thoughts on “Obsessive Organizing

  1. Could you post the link or item number for that specific shelving unit? I couldn’t find it on Amazon. Thanks.

  2. Looks pretty handy. Pricey, but I could think of a lot items that could benefit from some slim storage drawers, right now I’m especially thinking my decals. Are these drawers fully removable? Does the cabinet it have holes for mounting it to a wall?

    • The shelves do come all the way out (there are stops so you don’t unintentionally yank them out), and there are not mounting holes. You could try to mount it, but the plastic construction may not be super conducive to that.


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