Tuesday Train #298

CN Train 434 is seen here on May 2, 2022 approaching the Brantford Station platform. It is slowing to a stop. While Tuesday Train Pictures are often just the train, this afternoon, I got a treat. When 434 pulled up, they came to a stop right in front of me, and I got to watch the conductor climb down, and do the work of railroading. Setting brakes, uncoupling a cut of cars, picking up a new cut prepared by the local crew, and rebuilding their train. Railroading, is of course, an activity undertaken by people, and it is not easy work, it remains hard, physical work, and watching a railroader at work reminded me of that, and the care they took with every action and step while working shows they also remember that its dangerous work. All my shots and videos were taken from the safety of the platform, behind the yellow line, where railfans belong, on the safe side of the tracks.

The Work of Railroading. Climbing down, counting cars, setting hand brakes, closing air valves, riding (safely to set switches, and couple cars), and calling the distance on the reversing move, then reconnecting the air to the whole train.

I am, unapologetically a nerd. I was so excited when I realized that not only was the train stopping in front of me, I was going to get to watch them work. This was at the end of a 4.5 day long weekend from after work on Thursday to Monday where I went out and chased trains across the province. What was already a great mental break ended with a real high getting to see this in action. The last shot below is 434 at Bayview Junction approaching Aldershot yard and more work in the dark, it looked hard in the fading daylight in Brantford, doing this in the dark, that much harder. Much respect to the workers who keep the railways going.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Train #298

    • It really was, but it makes sense, the yard lead in Brantford is right at the station platform on the east end. Timing is everything. I almost didn’t stop in Brantford on the day, it was a bit of a whim while driving home.


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