Wrapping up a Repaint Project

I do like to finish projects. This was a relatively simple one, strip and repaint a locomotive. The only significant change I made was to add a set of Nathan K5LA horns as the cluster of horns is very prominent on the roof of the cab on GO MP-40’s. This project was a repaint for a display of GO Transit models for the Toronto Railway Museum, as we have not been able to source a modern GO loco for it. I understand our post may have brought someone forward to donate one, so now we will have a couple, which is always a good thing.

When I previously wrote about this project, it was my struggles to strip the shell, a commenter suggested another product, Super Clean, a degreaser that also will apparently strip paint. I decided for $10 it was worth a roll, my experience was that it was not effective, but that certainly doesn’t seem to align with the experiences of others online when I searched. I obviously saved the product to try again down the road the next time I need to strip something. My sense is this paint from whatever factory was doing Trueline Trains manufacturing was about the most baked on ever.

This is more of a photo gallery series post, so with that, walking through the process of prepping and painting the locomotive:

Trying a new stripping approach with a product suggested by a commentor. It did not seem to have any impact on the Trueline Trains paint that wouldn’t come off with my usual approaches. But, as you can see from the primer, eventually it was clean enough to spray.
Masking after painting the white base. Using an Athearn Bi-Level to help set the stripe location.
Masking and painting the green, then the black roof areas. Similarly masking and painting the plow.
Applying Decals and finishing touches to the GO MP40.

With that, this project is done. Its a holiday Monday here, so I delivered it to our staff at the museum. It should be installed in the display case in time for Doors Open Toronto next weekend, and the summer season. For Doors Open, while I won’t be on site, I dropped off several of my models for the Train Show the museum will be hosing. If you are in the Toronto area, check it out.

Gallery of the Finished MP40 and with my previous GO Project, the Hawker-Siddley Single Level Cab Ar. I really need to finish that sometime!

4 thoughts on “Wrapping up a Repaint Project

  1. This turned out really nice! And that single level cab car is so hot.

    When you first wrote about stripping paint I’d meant to chime in with what I’ve tried but didn’t because I hadn’t tried any of this on TLT models:

    A few years ago I was using oven cleaner. It was very nice on Bachmann paint but it is aggressive and I’d be cautious about it on a softer casting. Easy Off and No Name both worked about as well. Like you’d expect the smell is strong but I also started to notice that while it did a beautiful job of removing paint it left a very faint film on the model I couldn’t scrub clean.

    Pine Sol used to work very nice on even Kato shells but then they changed the formula and now it just melts shells.

    I’m loving 70% or stronger alcohol. Washes really clean and doesn’t seem to damage even brittle 1970’s era Atlas N scale shells I’ve had pickling in it for months now.

    You mentioned ELO. This was always my absolute favourite media for this work. Then it became very difficult to buy in Canada but I notice we can get it again.

    I’m rambling away on a tangent. Sorry. I really did mean to stay on topic with compliments on the stunning GO models!


  2. Nice job Stephen. What was the ultimate trick to strip the paint off? Aside from lining up the masking with the bi-level is the rest freehand? What paints did you use?

    Cheers Greg

    • Thanks Greg, the only thing that really worked was the Testors Easy Lift Off I had a bit of left over, so basically a heavy chemical stripper. Yes, the rest of the masking was freehand once I got the basics set from the bi-level. To answer both yours and Chris’ question, the boundry was laid with Tamiya’s flexible masking tape for curves, then filled in with regular Tamiya tape. Paint colours where Vallejo White and Black, with Rapido Proto Paint GO Transit Green.


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