More Layout Wayfinding Signage

A while back, I wrote about my Toronto Street signs to help operators identify where they are, I originally had laser cut wood, but upgraded to vinyls cut on my cricut, I also wrote about some room decorating with the Cricut on the end of my workbench. With that in mind, since I had the Cricut out from some work on the weekend (there’s a post on that coming later in the week), my Monday night quickie was to do some more cutting and wayfinding signage, but a bit fancier than just plain streetsigns.

Loading up the cutting mat with a variety of colours, post cutting but pre “weeding” of the unneeded vinyl, and the components before layering/installing.

Having previously done most of the work in preparing the railway logos for cutting, this was pretty straightforward after work brain off activity. Resize the art, prepare the vinyl on the cutting mat, and run the cutter. A good way to end a Monday that had a lot of things going on at work, easy, clearing the mind.

As you can see in the pictures, something I knew, but decided to do anyways was the black of the CN herald on the black fascia. I really needed to make a backing for it, a green circle like you see in the logo as applied to equipment to make the green leaf pop. I’ll have to go back and re-do the art to include a circle I think. I went and added a yellow circle around the edge, but it still kind of loses some definition, but that’s ok. Something to do some other day when the Cricut is out and I am motivated!

Parkdale Yard and Strachan Yard, now with labels. You can see where the CN needed a circle to make it pop. I should have put it on a full background inside the gold circle, I may re-do it.

I am reasonably happy with how they turned out. I think they make a really nice addition to the staging traversers, with a bit of colour from the shields and clearly identifying where each railways crews start and end their work.

2 thoughts on “More Layout Wayfinding Signage

    • Yeah, it takes some thought and work moving everything in the cutting software to one sheet, and getting the pieces made up, but a single cutting run more than makes up for time spent prepping multiple mats.


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